The design of Alexander McQueen’s 2012 spring / summer handbags, not only perfectly inherited Alexander McQueen’s magic and reality, but also has its own soul. Those strange handbags are the basic product of the gentlewomen when they present parties.

Alexander McQueen 2012 Spring / Summer Handbags

Although McQueen has died, as a talented designer, his outstanding works, extremely strange ideas, and dramatic style still come into our views. The romantic sense of modern doesn’t disappear with his leaving. Because his outstanding student — Sarah Burton inherited his design style, and make us feeling that the McQueen is really exist many a time.

Alexander McQueen 2012 spring / summer handbag

Sarah Burton’s design is very bold, and the clipping is very generous. Sarah rising Alexander McQueen’s empire, and start to established glorious palace. Alexander McQueen 2012 spring / summer handbag is a good witness.

Skull is always the symbol of Alexander McQueen, no matter skeleton scarves, skeleton skirts, or McQueen skeleton ring, necklaces, bracelets, are almost the hottest products. Skull and crossbones design of the 2012 spring and summer Clutch let the world ladies are crazy. The branching off of this wild, it is women who want to conquer.If you want to read the rest of this article,welcome to visit Alexander McQueen 2012 Spring / Summer Handbags.