Ms. Chanel once said, “Diamond has a maximum value in the minimum size.” This is the reason for her selection of diamonds.

Coco Chanel

Ms. Chanel loved fine jewelry, and she believed that luxury, like love, was a spiritual need. Her sense of luxury was simple and elegant, by no means vulgar. Create jewelry with high fashion was the idea of Chanel jewelry.
Chanel’s sense of luxury was deeply influenced by the men she loved. In Russia era, the Grand Duke Dimitri led her into the splendid Byzantine art, as well as exotic colorful   palace; the wealthy Duke of Westminster, UK, gave her a rare gem which had let her experience the true meaning of luxury.
In 1932, Chanel had its first jewelry exhibition shown in luxury salon in Paris, Chanel’s bold and innovative design, smooth and elegant lines, and almost invisible “claw” smart inlay work, immediately caught the attention of the European and American high society. She was then famous in the world.

Chanel Jewelry

Chanel Company introduced another Fine Jewelry collection in 1993 in memory of her. If you want to read the rest of this article,welcome to visit Chanel Jewelry with Simple and Elegant Fashion.