In primitive society, tribes used all kinds of shells, or even animal teeth to decorate themselves. Meanwhile, these decorations were used to distinguish their different status in the clan; in Roman period, due to the scarcity of pearls, people were prohibited to wear pearls, and pearls were only owned by royal family; emperors of the Qing Dynasty were obsessed to jade whi ch actually blew the wind of “oriental jade hot” in the West. At one time, jades became Western dignitaries’ popular collections. However, jewelry is far more than just defined as rare and priceless stuff. Jewelry is really given life when it passes the love deep inside the heart and tells the unusual story behind.
Star-shaped Brooch by Ernest Blyth
Star-shaped Brooch by Ernest Blyth 1963
Whenever we are faced with love, the conventional laws of logic always disappeared; love has become our blood of life, and jewelry has handed down a declaration of love since ancient times. However, love can no be just expressed through those expensive materials and expensive stuffs are not the only option. For example, in ancient times, lovers loved to collect each other’s hair to express their love. After the end of Second World War, due to the scarcity of precious metals, karat gold and platinum jewelries were getting even more precious, and by the impact of post-modernism in the design, German Ballhaus brought post-modern artistic styles to the design of jewelry. Glass, plastic, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials became jewelry designers’ new love.
Since 1960s, when British DeBeers held its first international jewelry design competition in 1961, jewelry design had begun on the use of new materials. The design began to make bold attempts and combined with art of sculpture and imagination that had never seen before.

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