Wallets, backpacks, bags and totes or even shopping bags… What are the handbags that will make us dream in this fall? Models that will our hearts beat a little harder are selected for you.

“The heart has its reasons but doesn’t know the reason” let it be said. A favorite bag is not dictated by trends but by her guts … if you pardon the expression!

However, favorite trends are not necessarily mutually exclusive … For those who want to acquire a new handbag and to be bang on trend for autumn-winter in 2011-2012, here are a few principles:

* The backpack is the bag’s trend.
Contrary to appearances, this statement is by no means contradictory! The backpack that is reserved for our scout out more than ever holds a candle. We chose a noble material (leather), or an ethnic fabric.
Attention has not been said so far. You have to show off your backpack – long champ folding of the closet … Red Card!

* The vintage bags are top of the poster.

Exit the glitz and bling: this winter, we love bags that have the bottle! Bags or thrift store shopper are directly in the closet of your mom, or even your grandmother. The style has a soul, let it be said!

* The Hobo bag is a must!
The bag has shunned for long time: too sportswear, not smart enough. This winter, it enchants our clothes and relaxes the wisest looks. Camel leather wallets, the absolute must-have for 2012 winter!

* In practice, we keep:
– The minimal cover that fits in our bag during the day and serves as an evening handbag.
– The bag bucket, winner of the winter for 2010-2011
– Briefcase bag: although there have been a clean wave to trigger an overdose, the bag satchel confirmed and signed. Hang in there; hopefully it will be has-been in less than a year!
– Python bags: they are expensive … but they are so beautiful!

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